Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spanish-Speaking Countries Unit

Hello Spanish students!

In this research unit you will each have a Spanish-speaking country as a topic. Have a class discussion about what you'd like to learn about your country such as the culture, economy, people, land and climate. These will become your research subtopics. You should title your research note cards or note sheets with subtopics to help organize your notetaking. The history of the country is usually a very difficult subtopic simply because there is so much information. You might want to skip it.

Sources of information can include library books, encyclopedias, and the Web sites seen in the right menu to learn as much about your country as you can. Be sure to cite your sources, which means fill out a color-coded citation form and give credit for where your information came from. Without citing your sources you are comitting plagiarism

Read and think about the information. Follow your teacher's directions for writing notes, or use the library's Cornell-style note sheets. Do not copy sentences unless you are taught how to use quotation marks. All notes should be in the form of facts. When you have finished notetaking, sort your facts into a logical order for writing your report.